New Patients

Scheduling an Appointment

At Wilson Surgicenter, Dr. Reeves and Dr. Anderson specialize in cataract surgery. A visit to our office usually begins when your primary eye doctor has diagnosed you with cataracts or PCO (posterior capsule opacification linked below). Your primary eye doctor is the optometrist or ophthalmologist who sees you on a routine (annual) basis for glasses, contacts, or other eye issues. Your primary eye doctor may schedule your appointment or you may call and schedule it once you have been told you have cataracts.

Our phone number for appointments is (806) 792-2104.

New Patient Forms

If you are new to our practice, or have not been seen in over a year, New Patient Forms are mailed to you via US mail prior to your visit to Wilson Surgicenter. Please complete the three page questionnaire prior to your first visit. If forms are lost, or you need another copy, you can download and print your new patient forms here. (To download the file, right click on the link and choose Save As.)

The first few three pages of the New Patient Forms are the questionnaire. Your answers will ensure we have all the information we need to assess and treat your cataract optimally. The next pages of information are required patient disclosures and a map to Wilson Surgicenter.

What to Expect

Cataract Surgery – What to Expect – click here (i.e. you have been diagnosed with cataracts).

Cataract Surgery Lens Implant Options – click here (i.e. discussing different lens implant options with cataract surgery).

YAG Laser Capsulotomy – What to Expect click here (i.e. you have been diagnosed with PCO (posterior capsule opacification also called “secondary cataract”).